Paramount Expects 2008-9 Release for 'Star Trek XI'

By Michelle
December 6, 2006 - 6:12 PM

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman said that Paramount has plans to beef up its TV operations now that CBS has taken so many properties in the corporate split and said he expected a Star Trek revival once the eleventh feature film arrives in a couple of years.

"We're revitalizing [Star Trek] in a new and interesting way," said Dauman, who told Variety that he expected a 2008-9 release date for the upcoming movie. Variety reported that J.J. Abrams "is set to direct" the film, though previously the studio would only confirm him as producer.

Abrams himself has said that until a screenplay was completed, he did not wish to make a decision about whether he or someone else should direct Star Trek XI. The producer recently signed a production deal with Paramount.

Dauman noted that he was pleased with Paramount creatively but wanted to diversify projects particularly in television, given the capriciousness of the film industry. The studio kept MTV and Nickelodeon after the split with CBS and hopes to capitalize on those networks' brands. Plus Paramount recently acquired Dreamworks, which "brings a tremendous creative talent."

The full article is here.

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