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Logan: Trek X Wasn't A Job - It Was Pleasure

By Lisa
December 7, 2002 - 4:49 AM

'Nemesis' script writer John Logan today reiterated the reason why he chose to work on the tenth Trek movie instalment.

"It wasn't a job; I've had plenty of jobs. I could work with anyone," Logan told Mike Russell at In Focus Magazine. "I chose to do this because I am a fan."

"I'm an absolute, to-the-core Trekkie. My introduction to "Trek" began with the original five-year mission, and it's been a major part of my life since then," he continued. "And I'm very unapologetic about that - that it's always been a hugely important thing to me - and to get a chance to actually sort of go into that world and help shape that canon was really exciting to me."

The writer did a great deal of research before writing the movie - he watched the entire Next Generation run again. "And they pay me for this! Hello?" joked Logan. "I watched it for two reasons: to make sure that what we were doing was appropriate to the canon of Next Generation, and also to get the characters' voices in my head a bit more."

Logan's favourite characters are easy to identify by the movie. "And also, as you know, every fan has their favourite characters. You know, I've always been a big fan of Picard, Data, and Deanna. So they get the most plot and character attention in this movie, because they're the ones I always liked and wanted to explore a bit more," he said.

But being a fan of the series meant that he felt disappointments keenly, including the omission of lines written for Wesley Crusher. "As the process went on, and as the editing continued, it became apparent we did not have time for all that. As much as, idealistically, I had hoped that there would be time and I could please all the fans - I could please all the Beverly Crusher fans as well as all the Worf fans and the Data fans - it became just obvious in course of editing and working on the movie that there simply wasn't time for all this, and we had to focus on the core story," he explained.

"So if I have a regret about 'Nemesis,' it's that those story arcs - which are really good and fun - didn't make it to the screen."

Much more from John Logan, including his reaction to online script leaks and Stuart Baird, can be found online here at In Focus Magazine.

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