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Visitor Interview

By Amy
December 6, 2000 - 11:04 AM

Fandom STC webmaster AntonyF recently participated in the Simon & Schuster Interactive conference-call chat with Nana Visitor (Kira). Due to the nature of the event, he was able to effectively interview the actress and has posted the results of the call as such.

That doesn`t mean that she hasn`t given thoughts to Kira`s fate after Deep Space Nine`s end. "She definitely gets another promotion, and she`s commanding the Defiant, that`s for sure. That`s for sure!" she says firmly. "The defiant goes out-she`s in the chair. Those things are very inappropriately important to me, and that was during the series. Now that she`s commanding the station I imagine her getting more and more politically involved in Bajor and frankly, although I don`t think this would really ever happen, I`d like to see her become Starfleet."

Bajor didn`t get accepted into the Federation in the show`s run, and Kira`s inclusion as a Starfleet officer in the final arc was purely an honorary one. Why would it be good for Kira to join Starfleet? "Because I`d like to see what would happen when you take a loose cannon and put them clearly in that universe," Nana states empathetically. "That was the whole premise of the show, Starfleet against these people who really didn`t live by those rules and seeing what happens. Now, one step further to me, would be to put her right inside of it and see what kind of struggle, and what the actual struggle is, tilted that way. It seems that no one has a problem living with the prime directive. I`d like to see someone struggle with it like she would, like a real loose cannon would."

Running for seven years with an entirely male writing staff could have posed problems when writing for female characters such as Kira, and the writing wasn`t always spot on. "I did find, here and there, there would be natural gaps in their understanding of female-specific responses. When Kira had a baby, and it`s Keiko`s baby she`s having, and she hands the baby over, they had written that she was `okay, glad that`s over, goodbye.` No matter whose baby you`re carrying, women know that your hormones respond in such a way that it would a difficult process, no matter what. There`d be some kind of difficulty, some kind of cross-wires about the whole thing, which of course makes it so much more interesting and complex. I was never shy of giving my input, and they were never shy about giving trouble about it when they thought I was coming off left field. I felt that if had to go to battle, maybe 75% of the time I got my way, and I thought that was pretty good. That`s just the responsibility you have as an actor, and the writers, I must say, were very responsive."

To read the full interview, where Visitor talks more about Deep Space Nine and the new computer game based around it, her current projects and her former character, click here and visit

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