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Keating Reveals Reed's Secret Mission

By Caillan
November 6, 2003 - 11:02 AM

In Enterprise's first season, Lieutenant Reed masqueraded as a Suliban to break Archer and Mayweather out of prison. But that won't be the last undercover mission for the NX-01's armory officer, according to actor Dominic Keating.

Speaking to DreamWatch magazine during production on "North Star", Keating said an upcoming Enterprise outing would see Malcolm Reed enter the lion's den. "I think I have an episode coming up in which I'll be infiltrating the Xindi council, so that should be fun," he said (via Sci-Fi Pulse).

Since filming began on season three's action-oriented Xindi arc over the summer, the actor has been left with little time to catch his breath. "My workload has gone up exponentially," Keating said. "The days have been longer and I've had less time to pick up my dry cleaning, go to the gym, go to the bank and do other things. It's a lot of hours. And that's because it takes longer to do an action scene than a talking scene."

In the wake of declining ratings during Enterprise's sophomore season, many mainstream media publications were running articles looking at the longevity of the Star Trek franchise. But the figures have been fairly consistent for season three so far, and Keating isn't letting the negativity get to him.

"Right now, all of us on Enterprise are feeling OK," he said. "The ratings for 'The Xindi' matched the ratings for 'The Expanse'. The ratings for the second episode were up there too. I don't want to get too much into the politics of the franchise and its relationship with the network because these are conversations I'm just not privy to. We just want to do the best work we can and hope people will tune us in."

The complete interview is available in issue 111 of DreamWatch, with excerpts available online at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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