Braga: Enterprise DVDs Planned For May 2005

By Chris Wales
October 6, 2004 - 2:14 AM

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Enterprise creative guru Brannon Braga issued official confirmation of a 2005 release for Enterprise DVD sets at a pre-screening of the fourth season premiere "Storm Front" yesterday.

According to The Digital Bits editor Bill Hunt, Braga revealed the news at a Q&A session, adding that he thought the "current plan was for the episodes to begin arriving in May of next year." An official announcement from Paramount Home Entertainment was rumoured also to be forthcoming this week (story).

Braga and production compadre Manny Coto also revealed that the first round of interviews which will eventually form part of the DVD extras have also been completed. This was later confirmed by series lead Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer), who added that he'd recently finished participating in the initial round of interviews. Connor Trineer (Charles 'Trip' Tucker) hadn't yet been interviewed, but expected to be shortly.

The screening, reported on earlier, also took the time to show off the new digital filming technology, which Bill Hunt notes was the same used on the recent Paramount film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Director of Photograph Marvin Rush and frequent producer Allan Kroeker were also on hand at the event to discuss the merits of the new equipment.

For the full article, head over to The Digital Bits. Thanks to T'Bonz for this!

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