Bakula Has An Alien Actor Encounter

By Lisa
October 6, 2002 - 3:53 PM

Being a starship captain often results in some sticky situation for both the character and the actor, as Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) recently explained.

"We just did an episode last week and I was in a bar with 30 alien heads, and I'm supposed to bump into this guy and he's seven foot - on the cast list he's 'Very Tall Alien,'" Bakula told the Regis & Kelly Show - via MediaTrek.

And so I bump into this guy - he's about 7''5 and he speaks to me in alien - 'OoG La MoO! Only he says to me the first time we do it 'I want to mate with you!'"

The aliens on the show also cause problems for the actor's family. "My 18 year old daughter loves it and my 11 year old son is the great age for it," said Bakula. "The six year old and the three year old - they don't come when certain people are working. My six year old doesn't want to [he asks] 'Are the blue faces there today? I'm not coming if the blue faces are there!'"

On The Early Show, Bakula talked about the pressures of being a part of a show with such a large fan base. "There's an unbelievable following around the world, there's a lot of pressure to live up to that history - and at the same time you do feel like you're a part of something," he said.

But do the fans famous for their devoutness watch a little too closely? "They do watch you but in a way its kind of a nice thing, because you know that everything you do is really being scrutinised," the actor said. "There's a certain kind of pressure [...] and it's a good thing."

The complete interviews with Scott Bakula are available on this page at MediaTrek. His 16 September interview with Regis & Kelly is available as a 6.5 MB zipped Real Media file, while his 17 September appearance on the Early Show is available as a 5.1 MB zipped Real Media file.

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