New 'Deeper Side of Trek' column

By Amy
October 6, 2000 - 6:22 PM has published the latest edition of Jamahl Epsicokhan's bi-weekly column, 'The Deeper Side of Trek'. This week Jammer takes a look at war within the Federation, from the early Cold War scenarios of the Original Series to the Dominion War in Deep Space Nine which introduced a 'grey' aspect to Trek warfare, where ethics can be put aside in the name of survival.

The Star Trek mission statement implies that humanity is evolved and enlightened.

As the story goes, once we've learned we're not alone in the universe, we pull together to end war, poverty, disease, crime and probably a majority of the world's other unpleasant elements. New technology probably makes some of this possible, but it's clear that this change also requires a change in attitude; apparently it's necessary we have a big event that gives us pause so we'll stop to consider our cosmic significance (or lack thereof).

Star Trek: First Contact proposed that proof of intelligent alien life and faster-than-light space travel would be that event. But could it really bring an end to war?

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