Five New 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two' Reviews

By Christian
October 6, 2000 - 12:27 AM

  • Jeff Bond at the Mothership (what used to be Eon Magazine's Tube Reviews) has posted his review of the season opener, awarding it a B+. In the review, he comments that the episode, "while hardly a dramatic blow-out, is a definite improvement over the first part, making it practically unique in terms of TREK cliffhangers, which usually start off with spectacular drama and then spend their second halves frustratingly backpedaling their way out of trouble."

  • Michelle Erica Green, reviewer at Another Universe, agrees Part Two improved over last year's finale. Here's a snippet from her review:

    Overlooking some really cheap-looking visual effects and the excruciating Seven/Axum love story, "Unimatrix Zero Part II" is an improvement on Part I. Despite having her head shaved, Janeway rediscovers her sense of humor ("Captain!" "What's left of her."). Torres does some of her finest engineering despite the nanoprobes in her bloodstream. Chakotay and Paris argue Janeway-and-Chakotay-style about command decisions, also with a fair degree of humor. And Tuvok, the character we can usually expect to be boringly correct, nearly destroys Voyager's plans for the Borg when he can't keep his focus, despite having Vulcan mental disciplines the other assimilated crewmembers lack.

    For the full thing, please follow this link.

  • Also back is Edward James Hines right here at the Trek Nation, who awards the episode 3 stars in his review. In his analysis, Ed ranks this episode as one of Voyager's most effective and entertaining cliffhangers.

  • A bit less positive is new reviewer Rob Adams at Section 31, who awards the episode only 6/10. Here's his conclusion, still sounding pretty positive about the episode:

    I did like this episode. Like any two-parter, it was weaker than the first part, but that is all right. This episode made a good bound by Seven, and allowed for some good interaction between she and the captain. You never know...we may even see some follow-up to the Tuvok/B'Ellana thing.

    For more, click here.

  • And finally, O.Deus at TrekWeb has put up his review of the episode, in which he says that Part Two is indeed superior to Part One, but that they both suffer from a lack of cohesion in the basic structure for the two-parter. Read more about that by following this link.

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