Trinneer Looks Forward to a Tougher Trip

By Michelle
September 6, 2003 - 9:14 PM

Trip Tucker's journey boldly going where no one has gone before takes a much darker turn following the Xindi attack on Earth and through the early episodes of Enterprise's third season, actor Connor Trinneer revealed in a new interview.

"I don't know how plain old pissed-off he is," the actor told Zap2It, referring to the death of Trip's sister in last season's finale, "The Expanse." "It's another layer to play...he's sad, angry -- he's going to mourn her death."

Calling the changes in Tucker "an evolution", Trinneer said that his character would continue to be the fun-loving guy of the previous two seasons, but with a darker edge and hopefully without the "country-bumpkin" aspect, which he found "a little hollow."

"Making him one-dimensionally angry would be a mistake, and they're not doing that," he assured the interviewer. "Some wacky things have happened that haven't happened before that I probably can't share."

Executive producer Brannon Braga continued to hint at a possible Tucker-T'Pol romance without making any promises. ""T'Pol's character has a lot of ability controlling emotion, and they begin to form a connection with one another dealing with that, that may or may not evolve into something a little more interesting," he said.

"I feel like I'm being asked to be rebirthed," noted Trinneer. "I had a great time in the first two years doing this, getting pissed and having some romance, so if that's going to happen more, that's great."

The full interview may be found at Zap2It.

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