Keating Not Banking On Fifth Season

By Christian
August 6, 2004 - 2:05 PM

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SFX 121 Enterprise's fourth season has only recently begun filming, but actor Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) is already expecting it to be the show's last.

"We're gonna be doing 22 episodes, which will give them 98 episodes, which I figure they figure is enough to syndicate," Keating told the British SFX Magazine. "Which kinda leads you onto going... 'Well, y'know..." (Keating clicks his fingers) "That'll be that.' And I'm banking, monetarily, that that's what's gonna happen."

Although Keating was pessimistic about the show's future, he was happy there even is one, and told the magazine he was "relieved" Enterprise got renewed for a fourth season. As for that fourth season, Keating is happy it will be in the hands of new showrunner Manny Coto.

SFX 121 "I remember ringing him up about a couple of scenes I had in his first episode," Keating said, referring to last year's "Similitude." "The other writers are much more open to my rather emphatic suggestions about changing my words or the tone of the scene, but I remember Manny not being so open and actually having a bloody good argument why it should stay the same. I realised that this guy was not a walkover and he really thought about what he'd written. I remember putting the phone down and going 'hmph... okay.'"

More from Keating can be found in the September issue of SFX Magazine, which is on sale now throughout the UK. Full details on the new issue, which also includes a four-page photo spread of cover girl Jolene Blalock (T'Pol), can be found here.

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