Morn Talks!

By Lisa
August 7, 2002 - 12:08 AM

Mark Allan Shepherd recently spoke about his experience playing Morn on Deep Space Nine.

"It took one and a half hour every time until I had turned into Morn," the actor told the Göttingen Science-Fiction Fan Club, and reported at

"If I wanted to eat something, I would stand in front of a mirror and carefully lift up the mask," he said. The actor revealed that he is hard at work on a book about the life of the character.

Morn became a popular DS9 character despite never uttering a word during the entire series run. The alien seemed to spend his time propping up Quark's bar in the Promenade, talking a great deal to other people, but always strangely silent on screen. Whatever chaos happened on the station, Morn usually remained steadfastly in his position at the bar. The character even leant his name to an episode - 'Who Morns for Morn?' in season six, which revolved around his apparent death.

Shepherd explained that it was very hot under the heavy mask required to turn him into the alien. The heat and long days of filming would often cause him to fall asleep on the set. Despite the tough conditions, over 300 people applied for the role - and for him, it was all worthwhile.

"To be a part of 'Star Trek' was the biggest dream since my childhood. Many people do not make the breakthrough in Hollywood," he said.

Much more from Mark Shepherd, including his belief in extra terrestrial life, can be found in the original interview at It is available in its original German and as an English translation.

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