Sky One To Bring Enterprise To Britain

By Lisa
August 6, 2001 - 11:36 PM

Tonight British television viewers got to see the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager. But as one Trek series ended, Sky One consoled viewers by airing the first British TV promo for Enterprise, confirming that it will broadcast the new show first in the UK.

The promo was based on the one shown after 'Endgame' aired in the United States. Blue text proclaiming: "Before Janeway, Before Picard, Before Sisko, Before Kirk" was shown against a starscape background. The Enterprise logo then appeared, alongside an image of the new ship. The words: "Enterprise: Coming Soon to Sky One" appeared next to the ship.

Sky One currently airs the last three Trek series in the United Kingdom: at least one star trek episode is shown on the channel daily. Currently, the channel shows the Next Generation every day at 17:00 and midnight, Voyager's season seven on Monday evenings, and broadcasts re runs of Deep Space Nine and Voyager on weekends. It is not yet known when the channel will begin showing Enterprise.

The current run of Voyager's final season was consistently rated in the channel's top ten highest-rated programmes, sometimes even reaching the top spot. Voyager episodes generally attracted 650,000 viewers, a very large audience for the channel, which is only seen by a minority of the population.

Cable and sattelite channel Sky One is available only to paying subscribers, unlike free-to-air channels such as the BBC and ITV. Sky has traditionally acquired new programmes and sporting events faster than the broadcast channels in an effort to persuade viewers to subscribe to its service. With Enterprise, the channel again ensures that science fiction fans have a strong motive to subscribe.

Thanks go out to Dave Arquati, James Shaw and Martin Lejeune for this news!

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