Mulgrew Not a Fan of Janeway/Seven Subtext

By Michelle
July 6, 2005 - 11:40 PM

Kate Mulgrew appeared last weekend at the London Film & Comic Con, where she addressed questions about lesbian subtext between Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, insisting that anything fans perceived onscreen came from the scripts rather than any performance decisions by herself or Jeri Ryan.

A report at the TrekBBS also reveals that Mulgrew's female fans are equal in expressing their affection for her to her male fans, so that at one point, after a female fan responded to a question about why she had so many female admirers by calling out, "'Cause you're very hot!", the actress asked the audience whether there were any straight men who found her attractive. "Their response was rather quiet...I do think the women there outnumbered the men by many many times," noted the poster.

On the topic of Janeway and Seven, Mulgrew insisted that she and Ryan had no need to emphasise chemistry between the characters as the scripts provided plenty of material. She said that she wished the original cast had been kept as it was, with no changes, which many fans interpreted as a slap at Ryan as well as a lament over the firing of Jennifer Lien (Kes).

"Yet even this little bit of venom added to the excitement and drama of the evening," wrote TrekBBS member Wind in Her Hair. "Even though Kate kept to her oft-told jokes about the script being in Japanese...I was hearing it all live and personal this time, and Kate is person is truly beautiful and magnetic."

Mulgrew's official web site, Totally Kate!, has photos of the London Film & Comic Con posted here, here and here. The original TrekBBS post is here.

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