Philip Anglim Interviewed

By Christian
July 6, 2000 - 11:39 PM

Michelle Erica Green at AnotherUniverse's Mania Magazine has put up a new interview with Philip Anglim, who appeared in several Deep Space Nine episodes as Vedek Bareil, before being killed off in 'Life Support. In the interview, we get an overview of the character of Bareil, and Anglim talks about working on the show:

What I found most interesting about the way Bareil was written and conceived, and what I found such a pleasure, was the lack of pomposity, the lack of self-satisfaction and self-righteousness that goes with so many people who claim the moral high ground. [...] What was constantly absent [on the DS9 set] was cynicism. Everyone loved the work, loved the series...I have never been among such an assemblage of perfectionists. And idealists."

More on both Bareil and Anglim can be found in the full interview.

Also available at Mania, besides this interview, is Michelle Green's new Hailing Frequncies column. In it, she provides a summary of the latest Trek news, and also looks at the 'Voyager: Elite Force' computer game and comic.

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