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More 'Voyager' Rumours

By Christian
July 6, 2000 - 10:46 PM

Several new rumours on Voyager's seventh and final season appeared online today. They're not all from sites usually providing such rumours, but they're listed here anyway as an update on what's currently being talked about:

  • In the first place, as reported yesterday, the Trekker Newsletter posted the following report on 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two':

    Janeway, Torres and Tuvok infect the collective with the virus, so the queen starts destroying every Borg vessel that has a drone aboard who is infected - basically killing thousands because one on board is effected. The queen creates a counter virus that will destroy every drone who is infected with the virus, and she must release it in Unimatrix Zero. To thwart her plans, the drones evacuate Unimatrix Zero and destroy it instead. Tuvok's neural suppressant wears off and he turns on JW and Torres, but various rouge Borg (now individuals) take over a few Borg vessels and help voyager get their 3 crew members back.

    According to Section 31, this does indeed sound like what will happen in the actual episode. Section 31 also adds the following:

    In the end the Borg turn on the Queen and Seven of Nine receives a message from the queen saying: "This Is Not The End...I Will Only Be Replaced...Our Plans For Humanity Have Only Just Begun."

  • Meanwhile, Michelle Erica Green says in the latest edition of her Hailing Frequencies column at Mania that "a source close to the production" told her that Voyager both will and won't get home in the series finale. According to that source, "the ship will return home - only to enter a time-loop that throws it back to the start of its voyage. It becomes clear that the ship and crew are stuck in an infinite repeating cycle from which there is no escape."

    Though this does sound a lot like a typical Braga-storyline, considering the many time travel episodes he's written, it does seem a bit early for this to be known already. Green herself also notes this rumour sounds implausible, something which I'd very much agree with - the chances of this actually happening seem fairly low.

  • Finally, also according to Green, a story surfaced this weekend saying that former 'Voyager' executive producer Jeri Taylor will be returning to write several stories for the show. Paramount apparently has had no comment on this.

  • Again, treat these as you would any other rumour. None of this has yet been officially confirmed, and certainly these last two items deserve caution.

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