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Bakula, Trinneer, Billingsley Speak of Endings

By Michelle
June 6, 2005 - 10:41 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise cast members claimed that they expected the fourth season to be their last and talked about their perceptions of the show's legacy in interviews recorded as the finale, "These Are the Voyages...", wrapped at Paramount.

"[I] don't want in any way to slight the fans and their passion for the show, but the numbers are the numbers," said John Billingsley (Phlox) to Canada's Space channel (via VRRRM). "At the end of the day, the numbers for this franchise have been diminishing for a number of years...I think it's just reached a point where except for that passionate hardcore audience - and bless them for being as partisan as they are - the hunger isn't quite there anymore."

Scott Bakula (Archer) admitted that they "kind of knew this was going to be our last year" though they were optimistic because the scripts for the season were very good. "And we opened a new night for a network, and, uh - without a lot of help - and our fans had followed us." Even so, he said, they were grateful even to have been given that fourth season, and despite hoping that things would continue, they all had a positive experience with the show.

"I think being a part of any legacy, that's a positive legacy, is a great thing," noted Connor Trinneer (Tucker). "I grew up watching the original series, you know, on reruns and stuff, coming home from school...I think it's an extraordinary thing that Star Trek has been around as long as it has, and affected and influenced people as much as it has."

Images, text and video clips of these interviews and brief comments from Dominic Keating (Reed) on Star Trek charity work are at VRRRM.

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