'Endgame' Cut Scenes Revealed

By Caillan
June 6, 2001 - 2:08 PM

During the television production process, it is inevitable that changes are made to a script before the final version reaches our screens. 'Endgame,' Voyager's series finale, was no exception.

Courtesy of Barbara, we have obtained information on those scenes that did not make it into the final aired version of the episode, as well as an addition to the script that was made during production. While these scenes were apparently cut from the script even before filming started, they still provide interesting extra glimpses at some of the finale storylines. Full details on these cuts and the addition can be found below.

  • The Academy
    One of the episode's early scenes, set twenty-six years in the future, features Admiral Janeway lecturing a group of Starfleet cadets on the Borg. In the final on-screen version of the episode, there is an exchange between a female cadet and the Admiral:

    Cadet: "Admiral, some of us were talking before class, and we were curious. How extensive was Seven of Nine's involvement with Unimatrix Zero?"
    Adm. Janeway: "I'd prefer not to discuss Seven of Nine."
    Cadet: "Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry."

    However, this exchange, which is present in the aired version of the episode, was not in the script. Therefore, it may have been added to the episode in a later revision to the script, or during shooting.

  • The Shuttle
    As part of her plan to send Voyager home early, Admiral Janeway travels to the past in a shuttle equipped with all the latest anti-Borg defence mechanisms. In one of the cut scenes, B'Elanna and Seven examine the shuttle's specifications, but soon segue into a discussion about relationships.

    Seven reveals that she entered the baby pool, a fact that surprises B'Elanna. "I'm trying to broaden my participation in crew activities," replies Seven. "My life would be so much easier if I never met Tom Paris," B'Elanna jokes, a fact which is lost on Seven.

    Her budding relationship with Commander Chakotay leads Seven to continue this line of discussion. "You regret your relationship with him?" she asks B'Elanna, who reminds Seven that she was, in fact, joking. "Then you're happy...being part of a 'couple'?" Seven continues. "Yeah," says B'Elanna. "I really am."

  • Janeway & Janeway & Chakotay
    A key scene that didn't make it into the finale episode is the dinner with Captain Janeway, her counterpart from the future, and Commander Chakotay. During the meal, Admiral Janeway takes the opportunity to ask Chakotay about his love-life.

    The dinner starts with a little prologue, set earlier in the day, with Admiral Janeway bringing some food to her younger self in the Ready Room. "You're going to have to make some [time to eat]. You're too thin," chastises the Admiral. "It just hit me...I'm going to turn into my mother," Janeway replies.

    The setting then changes to later that evening, with Chakotay and the two Janeways talking about their adventures with the Rotenians. When Captain Janeway gets up to get more tea for the Admiral, she leans over and asks Chakotay about his personal life. When Chakotay acts surprised, the Admiral says "There's no need to be coy with me, Chakotay. I know exactly what's going on."

    Chakotay is obviously not keen to discuss this while his Captain is in the room. The stage directions indicate that he glances towards Captain Janeway, standing at the replicator. "Don't worry. She doesn't know yet," the Admiral says. "So...how are things with Seven?" Chakotay smiles. "Great." The script indicates that the Admiral is "warmed to see Chakotay at such a happy time in his life."

  • The Briefing Room
    A significant change also seems to have been made to the scene in the Briefing Room in which the crew decides on their plan to destroy the transwarp hub. Here's the scene as it appears on-screen:

    Tuvok: "Once inside, we'd fire a spread of transphasic torpedoes."
    Seven: "They'd be programmed to detonate simultaneously."
    Tuvok: "If the torpedoes penetrate the shielding, the conduits should begin to collapse: a cascade reaction. In order to avoid the shockwave, we'd have less than ten seconds to exit the hub."
    Janeway: "A long time ago I made a decision which stranded this crew in the Delta Quadrant...."

    In the script, however, the scene reads rather differently. After Tuvok's says that they'd have less than ten seconds to exit the hub, Chakotay asks where Voyager would end up. After Seven changes the display, Tom says that this would send the crew "two thousand light-years further away from Earth."

It should be noted that often scenes which don't make the final version of the episode or film often appear in the novelisations, as in the case of 'Star Trek: Generations.' The 'Endgame' novelisation, written by Diane Carey, will be released next month, and may perhaps include some of the scenes above. The book will also include special extra material by Christie Golden, which will act as a lead-in to Pocket Books's Voyager relaunch, expected in 2003.

A big thank-you goes out to Barbara of Barbara's Voyager Page for this!

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