News Bullets

By Christian
June 6, 2000 - 11:38 PM

  • John Ordover, Star Trek editor at Pocket Books, sends along word that after sending out several thousand 'New Earth' postcards, their supply has been exhausted. A few weeks ago, Ordover offered to send everyone who submitted their streetmail address to him a 'New Earth' postcard. He apologises to all those who requested one and didn't get one, but he's added those addresses to the Star Trek books mailing list for future giveaways.

  • Cable channel VH1 has announced a premiere date of the 9th of August for their original TV film 'At Any Cost', also featuring an appearance by Cyia Batten (one of the Tora Ziyals on DS9).

  • Over at the official Decipher web site, they've put up the first preview of 'The Trouble With Tribbles', their upcoming Customisable Card Game expansion based on the Original Series. This first preview looks at the rarest card in the set - 'Dr McCoy', a tribute to the late Deforest Kelly (Leonard McCoy).

  • In an article at, 'The X-Men' director Bryan Singer talks about one of his favourite moments during filming: Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) explaining to Ian McKellen how the actors on TNG always had to rock on their chairs for ship-shake actions, and the two actors then trying it out.

  • Starting at 7:00pm PST, the Mothership will be showing a live webcast of this year's Saturn SF awards. 'Free Enterprise' and 'Trekkies' have been nominated in the Best Video Release category. Thanks go out to TrekWeb for this!

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