Charmed Technology Claims To Work On Series V

By Christian
June 6, 2000 - 11:35 PM

Jim and Lemonia Kormas send along word that today's edition of the Australian newspaper the Daily Telegraph contained a report on Internet World Australia 2000, an electronics expo taking place from today until Thursday in Sydney.

At the event, many internet and computer gadgets were shown, such as sunglasses which can be used as computer screens, ties and collars with voice input devices, and a computer processor small enough to wear on a belt. The company behind all these products is Los Angeles-based Charms Technology, who were represented at the conference by vice president Katrina Barillova.

At the expo, Barillova told the paper the following: "Star Trek contacted us and asked us to design the devices for their next show because we are so futuristic. They said our devices are making their show, which is 400 years in the future, look obsolete."

Though interesting, please keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily say anything about Series V. Coming from a mainstream Australian newspaper, in an article focused on something completely different from Series V, it seems unlikely we would get any real revelations about the nature of the next series. In addition, the fact alone that Barillova refers to Paramount as 'Star Trek' does not suggest her being very informed about the matter. And then there is of course the fact that Paramount has its own prop design department, which has always done very well in designing for the series.

I have sent of an email to Charmed asking them for possible confirmation of this - hopefully they'll be able to give some more info on what Ms Barillova reportedly said.

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