Quinto On The Impact Of Playing Spock

By T'Bonz
May 6, 2008 - 2:14 AM

With Leonard Nimoy's involvement and with the support of the Star Trek community, the role as Spock is not in the least bit daunting to Zachary Quinto.

As reported by Jonja.net, portraying Spock feels right for Quinto and he is ready for all that will follow as a result of it.

"It really wasn't daunting, it felt so right in a weird way," said Quinto when asked about playing the role which Nimoy made famous. "I found out they were doing the movie right as my episodes of 'Heroes' were about to air so the timing of it was just so precise and so specific and it just made so much sense."

It helps to be working with good people. "And on top of that to be making it with these people who are of the most imaginative people in Hollywood today and to have Leonard be involved, it really didn't feel daunting."

Quinto is grateful for the support of the sci-fi community, both for his role of Sylar in Heroes and for his upcoming role of Spock in Star Trek XI. "...At Comic-Con last summer when we went down and announced I would be playing the role and there were like 6,500 people or something in this auditorium and I never felt overwhelmed," he said. "I felt like I was very well supported by the creative energy behind this project and the people involved are people that I have long hoped to work with."

After playing a high-profile role like Spock, Quinto realizes that things will change for him, but he is ready for what lies beyond Star Trek XI. "I have been made to be prepared for this," he said. "I feel like from this point on, Spock will be part of my career as an actor. I donít anticipate my career as an actor to stop now that I have played this role. I get that question a lot like 'Oh now you're playing Spock, like what are you going to do?í I am going keep doing other things that excite me and challenge me and challenge my audience and excite my audience as well.

"I have been very fortunate to be so warmly embraced by this sci-fi community,"said Quinto, "and now more specifically the 'Star Trek' community. That means a great deal to me, but my career as an actor isn't limited to that genre or that realm. So I am now excited to go off and explore the territories and play other roles and do other things as well. I'm about to go back into production on the show ['Heroes'], that will take up a lot of time, pretty much right up until when the movie comes out next year. I'll probably try to squeeze a movie or two in while we're working on the show if I can, and then gotta get back on stage. It's time for that as well."

To hear to the interview, head to the link located here. Thanks to TrekMovie.com for the tip.

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