Berman, Bakula Talk 'Enterprise' Evolution

By Michelle
May 6, 2003 - 8:29 PM

Executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga revealed more about the planned changes to Enterprise next season in an exclusive interview in the current TV Guide, now available on newsstands.

As previously reported, the May 10 TV Guide previews the season finale, "The Expanse", in which a mysterious Xindi probe arrives to "blast a swath of destruction" that wipes out everything on Earth from Florida to Venezuela.

"The hour ends on a chilling threat of more devastation to come," wrote Michael Logan, "but this is no mere summer cliffhanger."

To meet the threat, Enterprise is made combat-ready, and Captain Archer must "become tougher and more focused", according to Braga. "He will be forced to be a more decisive captain."

Scott Bakula said he welcomed these changes and hoped they would lead to good storytelling. "For two seasons, we've been this naive, open-eyed, awestruck crew," he observed. "Now there is urgency and purpose and desperation."

The changes will also have a profound effect on Connor Trinneer's Commander Tucker, whose hometown is destroyed and sister killed in the Xindi attack. TV Guide quoted an unnamed Enterprise publicist as stating that Tucker would become "a vengeance-seeking s--t kicker".

Berman stated that he does not yet know whether the Xindi storyline will last ten episodes or encompass the entire third season, but he promised that Enterprise would not become an arc show like 24, rather more like The Fugitive, where "each episode was a stand-alone story".

He added that the Xindi "will be a very high-concept foe", possibly including computer-generated insectoid characteristics.

"It's as if the evolution of Earth had been different and dinosaurs and amphibians and insects had developed into sentient beings right along with humans," said Braga.

To read about other planned changes, including the inclusion of "young, arrogant commandos" to provide muscle on the crew next season and T'Pol's conflict with the Vulcan High Command, pick up the May 10-16 TV Guide with Smallville on the cover, on newsstands now.

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