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Cast Still Enthusiastic About 'Enterprise'

By Lisa
May 6, 2002 - 8:20 PM

With the first season of the show in the can and excitement building for the finale, the Enterprise cast recently reflected back on their time on the show.

"Having a fantastic time!" Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) told Star Trek Monthly. "I'm still as excited as I was [at the start]. Travis is still learning, still discovering, so Travis is still evolving. He's a work in progress, just like me. I love him."

Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) was also positive. "I'm as joyful about this as I was when I started seven months ago," he said. "It's exceeded any dreams I had about it, certainly for the first series. [My favourite] episode is called 'Shuttlepod One,' a two hander that Brannon [Braga] wrote for Connor [Trinneer] and I."

Anthony Montgomery went on to talk about his favourite episode of the season so far. "'Fortunate Son,' 'Fortunate Son' first, 'Breaking The Ice' second," he said. "Of course, things where Travis is featured, I'm going to love those more."

John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox) was able to sum up his performance as Phlox in one word. "Elan! I think he comes from a very spiritual culture - I think he's like the laughing Buddha," he explained. "This too shall pass. We're all part of the cosmos - what's the worst that can happen? We go and be part of the cosmos in a different way. It's not to say he doesn't feel things or that he doesn't take his work seriously, [but] he doesn't operate from fear, which I totally love."

More from Billingsley, Montgomery and Keating at the Television Critics Association's annual press junket can be found in issue 92 of Star Trek Monthly, out now in the UK. Extracts from the feature can be found online here at SciFi Pulse.

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