News Bullets

By Christian
May 6, 2000 - 11:54 PM

  • has posted a list of upcoming special events at the Star Trek Experience, including signings by four actors from DS9 and Voyager in the months of May and June.

  • According to an article at the official Star Trek site, Gregory Itzen (who played on DS9 as Ilon Tandro in 'Dax' and as Hain in 'Who Mourns For Morn'), will be appearing on both NBC's Saturday drama Profiler and ABC's Sunday drama The Practice.

  • Psi Phi is reporting that Econo-Clad Books has released three new editions of Peter David's TNG/New Frontier novels in a 'turtleback' binding (a hardcover with a slick coating, with the image right on the cover, instead of a clock cover with the image on a dust jacket). The three re-released books are Worf's First Adventure, Line of Fire and Survival.

  • Over at the German Star Trek Index, a new edition of the online radio show 'Episodencafé' has been uploaded, looking at DS9's 'Image in the Sand'.

  • The Los Angeles Times has a new article on the upcoming made-for-TV Disney musical 'Gepetto', also featuring a few comments from co-star Brent Spiner (Data). Thanks go out to Welcome, Brent Spiner Fans! for this!

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