Weekly 'Andromeda' Column Starts

By Christian
May 6, 2000 - 11:45 PM

Over at Space.com, they've just launched a new article series on the upcoming 'Andromeda' television series:

In another SPACE.com exclusive, Andromeda series co-executive producer (and head writer) Robert Hewitt Wolfe has agreed to give readers regular updates through the first season of this Gene Roddenberry-inspired series that stars Kevin Sorbo.

This week, Wolfe talks about the Nietzscheans, the superhuman race to which Tyr Anasazi, the ship's first officer, belongs:

SPACE.com: Could you talk about the literary background of the Nietzscheans?

Robert Hewitt Wolfe: We were looking for a race that could be both good and bad and have both positive and negative qualities. I was trying to think about a cool approach for that race and "Darwinists" didn't really sound that good. "Dawkinite" [named after Selfish Gene author Richard Dawkins] doesn't work either. "Machiavellianite" is too long. So it ended up "Nietzschean". It's cool, short but tough to spell. There are also other associations with Nietzsche.

More on the Nietzscheans can be found in the full article, or of course in this entry at the All Systems University.

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