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By Christian
May 6, 2000 - 9:00 PM

Hello World!

Apologies for the extremely late start and the complete lack of a TrekToday Classic yesterday - until half an hour ago, I didn't have an FTP client installed here (necessary for TT Classic), and I only installed Internet Explorer late this afternoon. The reason for this is that, nearly two months after I handed it in for repair, I've finally got my laptop back, and am now actually working on it!

Unfortunately, that's about as far as the good news goes. As you may recall, the reason the laptop was sent back to the factory was that it refused to work with an external keyboard attached to the PS/2 port, which was not something the people in the computer store could solve. First I had to wait two months before the laptop came back (mainly due to it taken three weeks for the machine to go from the store to the factory's repair place, for inexplicable reasons, and a three-week repair time while there), but this week I finally got the call from the computer store that the laptop was finished.

I had already had a few nightmares about this happening, but when in the computer store I asked for a demonstration before taking it home with me, it turned out that the problem hadn't actually been solved! The computer store called the factory, and they claimed they'd replaced the entire motherboard, but apparently the geniuses there didn't think it necessary to test out if that had actuallly fixed the problem!

Naturally I didn't feel like losing the laptop for another two months, so now my keyboard is actually plugged in via a convertor cable to the USB port, but the PS/2 port is still completely non-functional. On the 2nd of June I'm taking the laptop to the factory to have it fixed on the same day, so I'm just hopeful the USB port won't also give in before then.

I do want to extend some praise to the computer store, though, who helped me as best as they could with this problem, and have always been very professional - if you live in Eindhoven, Maastricht or Utrecht, be sure to check out Paradigit. As long as you don't buy any of the Topline laptops they sell, that is :-).

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