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An archive of Star Trek News

News Bullets

By Michelle
April 6, 2006 - 7:19 PM

  • Patrick Stewart (Picard) will conduct a Shakespeare class on RSC Open Day on the Bard's birthday, April 23rd, notes The PSN.

  • The PSN also states that the Royal Shakespeare Company's Antony & Cleopatra opens at Stratford-on-Avon on April 12th with Stewart in the male lead.

  • has picked up the news that Scott Bakula (Archer) will address a National Press Club luncheon in Washington, DC on April 19th about Shenandoah's contemporary relevance. Ticketing details are here.

  • The Sid City Forums has an article on Alexander Siddig (Bashir) as Hannibal ("I like people who are neither good nor bad").

  • In addition, Sid City has a link directly to the nearly six-minute BBC trailer for Hannibal here.

  • William Shatner (Kirk) has been hanging out with Henry Rollins of Black Flag ever since Rollins performed on Shatner's CD Has Been, explains Contact Music.

  • Toronto Trek has posted an update on planned guests and events at the annual convention to be held July 7-9th this year, with guests including Garrett Wang (Harry Kim).

  • Coscom Entertainment has a PDF press release about Walter Koenig (Chekov)'s Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot, a science fiction thriller about life after apocalypse.

  • Popular Star Trek novelist Peter David will script Stephen King's Dark Tower for Marvel Comics for release in 2007, according to Comic Book Resources.

  • "Whatever Happened To the Erotic Thriller?" asks CNN, which quotes Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan's Nicholas Meyer, an uncredited writer on the sexual morality cautionary tale Fatal Attraction.

  • Decipher has a new article on Tucson, Arizona's Star Trek CCG Tournament Weekend, ">part one and part two.

  • Sev Trek has a new contest to determine the perfect additions for Trip's redesign of the captain's chair!

  • A new Trek Life cartoon reflects on necessary Desert Asteroid Star Trek episodes with hot babes.

  • We've covered it before, we'll cover it again: the ever-popular Chia Spock, now with evil Alternate Universe beard!

  • The Student Operated Press ponders whether Star Trek is dead, quoting Spock as saying, "Iíve been dead before."

  • Soul of Star Trek passed on a link to's article on a "holodeck" designed for crickets.

  • The UK's United Federation of Planets has pictures of the new slimline Next Generation complete season DVD sets to be released in Europe in May.

  • And has added DVD caps for Enterprise's "Fallen Hero", "Desert Crossing", "Two Days, Two Nights" and "Shockwave, Part 1", plus the show's Opening Credits; Voyager's "Innocence", "The Thaw", "Tuvix" and "Basics, Part 1"; Deep Space Nine's "Crossfire", "Accension" and "Hard Time"; and six original series episodes including "Mirror, Mirror". The site also has gaming coverage for Star Trek: Away Team.

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