'Enterprise' Sets No Longer Up At Paramount

By Michelle
April 6, 2005 - 9:26 PM

The Star Trek: Enterprise sets have been taken down on Stages 8 and 9 at Paramount Pictures, a new photo display reveals.

StarTrek.com has posted "A Brief History of Paramount Stages 8 & 9" updated with new photos from this week, showing that the bridge, sickbay, mess hall, crew quarters, shuttle bay and engineering sets no longer occupy the sound stages on the now-quiet "Star Trek Row." The base of the bridge is visible in one of the photos, as are scaffolding and insulation.

"Since 1978 when initial production for 'Star Trek: Phase II' — the planned successor to TOS — began and later morphed into Star Trek: The Motion Picture, sets bearing various bridges, sickbays, corridors and more have stood on Paramount's Stage 8 and Stage 9 almost continuously," noted the official site, which explained that classic films from Sunset Boulevard to Rear Window had previously shot on the stages later used by Star Trek, whose original series filmed on Desilu Stages 9 and 10, later renamed 31 and 32 after Desilu merged with Paramount.

Stage 9 has been used continuously for Star Trek since pre-production for the first feature film in 1978. "It's a pretty safe bet (with the possible exception of some daytime soap operas) that these stages may have been the longest continuously standing, working sets in Hollywood," noted the article.

The new photos of the now-empty soundstages may be found at StarTrek.com.

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