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An archive of Star Trek News

Gaming Bullets

By Caillan
April 6, 2003 - 9:18 AM

  • IGN PC's Ivan Sulic recently posted a new preview of Star Trek: Elite Force II in which he concentrated on the game's mission structure.

    It has been very important to Ritual to create a cohesive experience that delivers the constant action Elite Force II is all about through storytelling that's in keeping with the fiction. Even though everyone with eyes, ears, hands, or any combination of the above will tell you that Elite Force II is nothing like your average Star Trekepisode (what with all the shooting and the killing), crafting an intricate plot played out in classic Trek fashion is of paramount importance to the team.

    Head over to IGN PC for more.

  • "Under Activision's close guidance, Ritual has taken the Elite Force series in several new directions with Elite Force II," was the verdict of Sam Parker over at Gamespot. His article looked at a level featuring an alien species boarding the Enterprise-E, as well as the game's weapons and graphics. The complete preview is available at Gamespot.

  • Patrick Bowman has written an article for Ritualistic about his work as a project tester on Elite Force II. Here's an excerpt:

    While here at Ritual my job is to find and communicate problem (bugs) areas with the game and get them fixed. Throughout the day I am given tasks by the team. Jon or Chris will generally come to me and tell me to check out specific missions. Other times some of the programmers will come over and have me reproduce bugs for them as well.

    Bowman's full piece can be found here.

  • Trailers for Elite Force II will be coming in the near future, according to a post by Activision's Marc Struhl at Ritualistic. "With any luck we'll have something out later this month," he said. Read more in this thread.

  • Six new screenshots from Elite Force II are up at Ritualistic.

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