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By Christian
April 6, 2001 - 11:43 PM

  • This Sunday, the 8th of April, Leonard Nimoy (Spock) will be hosting a new episode of the 'The Next Wave' television series. In the show, which will air as paid programming on CNBC, Nimoy will interview featured guest Rich Grehalva, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Healthaxis Inc. Clips from the show will be posted on the show's official site.

  • Andy Davies, who created interactive elements for the now-defunct Star Trek World Tour, is listed as expert at 'ExpertSource', a new service by BusinessWire providing academic and industry experts to the media at no charge.

  • According to a new study on the effects of the strike, the two broadcasting networks owned by Paramount parent company Viacom are in the worst prepared to withstand a strike, the Hollywood Reporter reported. The study estimated that 25% of all UPN programming would have to consist of repeats in case of a writers' and actors' strike, while CBS programming would consist for 33% of reruns.

  • 123 Petitions, a site offering free online petitions for anyone wanting to convince pretty much anyone else of pretty much anything, will be shutting down on the 13th of April. Affected Trek petitions include the DS9 Horizons campaign and the campaign for Better Treatment of Star Trek by the BBC, but also somewhat less famous campaigns such as the one for a repeat showing of the 'Casualty' episode featuring Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi).

  • has posted a (German) interview with Uwe Seelhof, the person in charge of Star Trek at German television station Sat.1.

  • Comic Book Resources has put up an interview with David Brin, who is writing the TNG hardcover graphic novel 'Forgiveness'. The comic will tell the story of how some of Trek's future technologies, such as transporters and holodecks, got their start in the mid-21st Century. Thanks go out to Captain Jim for this!

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