Star Trek Nielsen Ratings Database Updates

By Christian
April 6, 2000 - 10:46 PM

After about two weeks of absence, Greg Fuller at the Star Trek Nielsen Ratings Information Database has brought the site up to date again, providing us with national rating reports of 'Barge of the Dead' and 'Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy', and the overnight report for yesterday's 'Alice'. Here's a short excerpt from the two national ratings reports:

"Barge of the Dead" earned a lower rerun mark for Voyager, tallying a 2.5 rating, 4 share. That's Voyager's lowest-rated rerun this year with the exception of "Survival Instinct"'s encore showing in January. The lower mark was still not enough to put Voyager is the timeslot cellar with "Roswell" taking the 6th place position with a 1.9.


"Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy" rose from last week's "Barge of the Dead," taking a 2.7 rating, 4 share. That's up from "Barge"'s 2.5/4 and level with the better rerun performances of the season. This rerun rating was also better than "Counterpoint"'s 2.6/4 rating this week last season.

In the full reports for Barge of the Dead and Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy, Greg looks at what these ratings predict for the future, and if they mean Voyager will see another drastic ratings drop like it did at the end of last season.

Besides those two reports, Greg also posted the overnight ratings report for 'Alice':

"Alice" rose slightly over last week's overnight, drawing a 3.3 rating 5 share in its rerun. That's a tenth of a point above "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy"'s mark last week and equally down from "Barge of the Dead"'s 3.4/5 rerun rating two weeks ago.

"Alice" fell to 6th place in the timeslot, finishing just below the WB's new timeslot occupant, "Felicity," which finished 5th with a 3.4/5. "Get Real" barely put Fox in 4th with a 3.6/5. "Seven Days" was down to a 2.9/5 at 8 p.m.

A bit more can be found in the full report.

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