Gerrold Interviewed For 'Star Trek' Documentary.

By T'Bonz
March 6, 2008 - 11:19 PM

The Trouble With Tribbles David Gerrold recently was invited down to Paramount to be interviewed for a documentary on the "crowd scene" in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

As reported at Gerrold's website, Gerrold joined Bjo Trimble and Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan to work on the documentary for The Motion Picture, which was followed by a visit to the Star Trek XI set.

"A bunch of us were invited down to the Paramount lot to be interviewed for a documentary about the folks who were in the crowd scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture," said Gerrold. "After that, they walked us over to the soundstage where the new movie is being filmed so they could get a shot of us walking up to the door. Unfortunately, security around the film is so tight that the guards wouldn't even let them shoot the outside of the soundstage. While we were waiting, JJ Abrams drove up in one of those little electric golf carts. He recognized Chris (who has a small part in the picture) and Chris introduced me to him."

"J.J. asked us what we were all doing there, then invited us into the soundstage to have a look at what they were shooting. But first we had to sign non-disclosure agreements and put on bright-colored wristbands that showed we were visitors. While we were doing that, Leonard Nimoy came by and said hello. He was there for a costume-fitting. Once we got onto the soundstage, we saw a whole bunch of really neat stuff that I am not allowed to talk about."

There is speculation as reported at The Digital Bits, that Paramount is currently working on another release of the ten Star Trek feature films (and a bonus disc of extra material, including an interview with folks who were in the crowd scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture,) with an eye to a future Blu-ray release. Supposedly, several of the movies are currently receiving brand new high-def transfers.

In other Star Trek news as reported by, Leonard Nimoy has done another of his occasional short blog entries for that site, where he discussed working on Star Trek XI and playing Spock again. "Is it strange to be playing Spock again after so many years? Definitely, and Iím having a wonderful time," said Nimoy.

To read more of the blog entry, head to the site located here. The Gerrold blog entry is located here and the information from Digital Bits on the possible re-release of the Star Trek movies can be found here.

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