Jonathan Frakes Talks Directing

By Lisa
March 6, 2002 - 11:48 PM

Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) today compared directing his new movie 'Clockstoppers' to directing for Star Trek.

""It has been a treat to not have all the rules in place," Frakes told the SciFi Wire. "So many facets of the way a Star Trek film are done are the result of the rules a Star Trek story has to follow."

The Trek actor turned director went on to explain why working as a director for Star Trek is restrictive. "The characters have to behave a certain way. You have to consider all the Starfleet protocols," he said. "There's a Naval- type of hierarchy to the characters, and the characters have established personalities and relationships."

"[In this film] we pretty much had a clean slate. In terms of shooting, we could change things on the set, which we could never do on a Star Trek film."

"On Clockstoppers, I'm working with the producers, Gale Anne Hurd and Julia Pistor, to make the rules of Clockstoppers. That's been a big difference, to be included in development of the whole world. That wasn't an opportunity I had on Star Trek, because the world had already been established," said Frakes. "It's been great."

'Clockstoppers' is set for a US release in cinemas on March 29th. The original article containing Frakes comments can be found here at the SciFi Wire.

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