News Bullets

By Amy
March 6, 2001 - 7:50 PM

  • The official site has posted another round-up of Trek alums doing the rounds on TV and in the movies.

  • Voting on the Voyager section of the 2000 ASC awards has started. Also, voting for the Next Generation section will cease tomorrow. To find out more, or to participate, visit the alt.startrek.creative newsgroup or follow this link.

  • Dan Carlson sends word of a petition to get the complete/expanded soundtracks from "Star Trek II" and "Star Trek III" by James Horner released.

  • The Cynic has posted his review of last week's Voyager episode, 'Workforce Part II'. He rated it 7.5 with the comment that it was "surprisingly decent as "part twos" go, but a too-clean ending and some awful acting take their toll."

  • The Trekker Newsletter has published a special supplemental issue, covering all the developments in recent days.

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