New 'ST: The Motion Picture' Director's Edition Images

By Christian
March 6, 2001 - 2:08 PM

'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' - courtesy IGN FilmForce, copyright Paramount When originally released, 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' was a major box office success, giving fans their first glimpse of the Enterprise crew in a decade, and breathing new life in the Star Trek franchise. Behind the scenes, things did not go so well, with the film running over budget and with time pressure prohibiting director Robert Wise from realising the original vision he had in mind. Later this year that will finally be corrected, as the studio is putting the finishing touches to a new 'Director's Edition' of the film, to be released on DVD.

Over at IGN Filmforce, they have posted six new shots from the film, including some wonderful shots of the U.S.S. Enterprise. All effects work for the film is being done by Voyager effects house Foundation Imaging, who have been very careful to make the new material they have shot fit in with the original movie. Unlike what happened with the Special Editions of the Star Wars movies, the new edition of 'The Motion Picture' will not feature any flashy effects just added in for style, but the effects will exist simply to enhance the film's story.

'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' - courtesy IGN FilmForce, copyright Paramount The FilmForce article mentions several examples of these enhancements. Cut-away shots to external Enterprise views that originally were not finished on time have now been completed, and when the crew stand in front of Enterprise viewports there will actually be background imagery visible. This includes looks at the interior of V'Ger or a view at the Enterprise's warp nacelles, as two photos in the article show.

To read the actual article, which includes detailed descriptions of all six images as well as larger versions of them, please follow this link.

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