Bethesda Softworks Hopes To Bring Trek Games To Potential

By Michelle
February 6, 2006 - 8:57 PM

Pete Hines, the PR manager of Bethesda Softworks, which has taken over the Star Trek game licenses, said that he thinks Star Trek gaming has never reached its full potential.

"We felt we could bring Star Trek to the forefront of video gaming. We communicated all that and came with our reputation, all of which gave comfort that we would deliver," Hines told Gamecloud, saying that a combination of the license's availability and and specific ideas for games brought Bethesda Softworks and Viacom together in making the deal.

"We feel like it's a great license for video games that has never reached its full potential," added Hines, who said he believes that his company knows how to take Star Trek gaming "to the next level." He noted that a combination of talented staff and familiarity with previous Star Trek games would prevent the company from making the same mistakes as some previous Star Trek game license holders.

Hines explained that unlike with some previous licensees, Bethesda Softworks has an exclusive license, so "we donít have to worry about other publishers coming out with competing Star Trek also allows us to move into some genres and platforms we haven't gone after to date."

The company is working with CBS, which now controls Star Trek, "and we're working with people who have made really good Star Trek games before and live and breathe this stuff....we're obviously very excited about the opportunity and are really looking forward to showing folks what we've got in store."

The full interview is at Gamecloud.

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