'Unity' Promises Big Developments

By Caillan
January 6, 2003 - 10:58 PM

'Unity' cover - courtesy Psi Phi, copyright Paramount Pictures'Unity,' the Deep Space Nine tenth anniversary novel, is set to provide a momentous climax to the events of the DS9 novel relaunch.

Written by S.D. Perry, the hardcover novel will feature "the return of Captain Sisko, the birth of his child, and Bajor's entry into the Federation," according to the Star Trek Communicator.

The first two events are a payoff to DS9's final episodes. Kasidy Yates told Benjamin Sisko she was pregnant in 'Dogs of War,' only to lose her new husband when he joined the Prophets in 'What You Leave Behind.' But Sisko appeared to Kasidy in a vision, telling her that he would return in the future.

Bajor's entry into the Federation is a plot thread which goes back to the DS9 premiere, 'Emissary,' when Sisko was given the job of preparing its people to join the alliance. Although Bajor's application was eventually accepted, Sisko advised against them against joining the Federation in 'Rapture,' and Bajor was never admitted during the show's run.

Designed as a continuation of the events of the series, the DS9 relaunch began in 2001 with Perry's 'Avatar, Book One' and 'Avatar, Book 2'. The book series continued with 'Abyss', 'Demons of Air and Darkness', the four-part 'Mission Gamma' series, and the Jake-centric 'Rising Son', out this month.

'Unity' is currently scheduled to be published in April, 2003. The book can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon.com for $17.50, 30% off the list price. To order your copy and support TrekToday, please use the following links: Amazon.com - Amazon.ca - Amazon.co.uk - Amazon.de.

Further information on the DS9 relaunch can be found at Psi Phi. Thanks to Doug Wilson for this!

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