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'Enterprise' Vulcans Speak Out

By Caillan
January 6, 2002 - 6:18 PM

'Cult Times issue 76' photo -  copyright Visual Imagination

Gary Graham (Soval) and Thomas Kopache (Tos) played the supercilious Vulcans everyone loves to hate in 'Broken Bow,' but the actors recently said there's more to their characters than meets the eye.

"When I looked at the material I realised there was a certain aspect to Tos that was intriguing," Kopache told Steve Eramo of Cult Times (via Sci-Fi Pulse). "It was his disdain, I guess, or his dislike of humans generally - we think of Vulcans as being friends and allies. However, here I had to think 'Okay, how do I remain true to the Vulcans' logical view of the universe and then taint it with this character's antagonism?' I had to play around with that in my head and bring it to my performance. It was a marvellous challenge."

The actor told the magazine he enjoyed Tos the most out of all his Trek roles, which included the part of Kira's father in the Deep Space Nine episodes 'Ties of Blood and Water' and 'Wrongs Darker than Death or Night.' "The Vulcan personality and the added element of animosity made him that little bit more intriguing to play," Kopache said. "I hope I'm able to explore the character further."

Graham's Ambassador Soval is one Vulcan who will definitely be making a return appearance on Enterprise - and is once again a thorn in Captain Archer's side. "I recently finished filming a new episode in which the Vulcans are dealt a devastating blow - it has something to do with another race that they're at odds with - and Soval blames Archer," he said. "He sees the captain as a poor leader and lobbies once again to replace him. At the end of the episode, Soval is called back to Vulcan. Hopefully this doesn't mean we won't be seeing him again."

To read the full interviews with Kopache and Graham, pick up the January issue of Cult Times. Alternatively, extracts are available here at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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