'NY Post' Cites Gloom and Doom For Trek

By Michelle
December 5, 2003 - 10:52 PM

"Time is catching up with the ageless Star Trek franchise," declares a popular Manhattan newspaper, citing media analysts and the closing of the show's official Star Trek: The Magazine.

The New York Post's Michael Starr describes Enterprise as "in the ratings dumps", quoting MediaWeek's Programming Insider, Marc Berman, as saying that the franchise does not need to produce a weekly series any longer.

Noting that ratings are down another ten percent since last November, Berman said, "If ratings for Enterprise continue to go down next season, it's going to hurt the franchise." He stated the opinion that a TV special or feature film might do better without the series on the air, but added, "UPN is never going to take Enterprise off."

Enterprise, noted the article, "had the bad luck to open this season against the dramatic baseball playoffs - which notched the best ratings in years", and has faced new competition from Smallville.

The article also cited a Trek Today report in which executive producer Rick Berman stated that he felt UPN did not effectively promote this season's early start date.

The full article, in which Rick Berman declined to comment, is here.

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