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Baird Talks Trek X Director's Edition

By Lisa
December 6, 2002 - 1:58 AM

The the film hasn't reached cinemas yet, but 'Nemesis' director Stuart Baird has already thought about a special director's edition of the movie.

"I've never seen a director's cut that's better than the original cut that goes out to the cinemas," Baird told TrekWeb. "Maybe 'Bladerunner' is a bit better because he changed that whole narration. I don't have final cut of the picture but all I'm trying to do is make it play as well as possible for the audience and I didn't have a normal process of previewing.

"It is a story that's hugely rich and I would love to see his cut," he continued, "But whether it's a better film? Once you love something, maybe you want more of it, but does it make it a better film? A film is a film is a film and the length of something, the pace of something is incredibly important in your satisfaction to the story.

"You can have a meal [where] you eat a couple of spoonfuls too much and it's not as satisfying because you've had too much, and it's the same with a movie. Some scenes seem great on [their] own but when you put it into the whole it changes [entirely], like any piece of writing. A lot of great writers probably wouldn't have had so much success without a great editor."

Despite this, when questioned about a scene involving Data and Picard, Baird was positive about changes for the DVD release. "Well, you will see that scene in the DVD," he said. "But you probably like the scene as a scene perhaps but when you saw it at the beginning of the movie after the wedding sequence, it's an additional thing. One of the great things about anything in life is wanting more. The length of that scene, it was a very long scene.

"If it could have been cut down into a succinct version, but having four minutes of something, which you really get [later]. It's like anything, it just completely unbalances the rest of the movie. We've got a lot of talking scenes, there's a lot of plot in the story."

Much more from Stuart Baird, including thoughts on the casting and directing of Tom Hardy as Shinzon, can be found here at TrekWeb.

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