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Mixed Advance Reviews For 'Cold Station 12'

By Michelle
November 5, 2004 - 10:04 PM

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A few online reviews for tonight's episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, "Cold Station 12", have already appeared. Feedback is mixed, with some news services putting the episode in their 'best bets' columns while other regular reviewers expressed some disappointment.

  • Gannett News' The Cincinatti Enquirer listed "Cold Station 12" in its "Worth Watching" column under TV's Best Bets, noting that tonight, in the second of three parts, "Soong's world is crumbling. The augmented humans he created are turning bad." Entertainment Weekly has once again listed Enterprise in "Tonight's Best TV", as did Zap2It.

  • IGN Filmforce - which also noted that with Sherry Lansing leaving Paramount, Rick Berman's days as executive producer could be numbered - complained that "Cold Station 12" does not have the flair of its predecessor "and seems to take some storytelling shortcuts to get where it's going, making it feel more like the usual Enterprise episode rather than something special." Reviewer KJB gave the episode only two stars out of five, praising the fight sequences but not much else.

  • "Unlike last week, there are no references this week to the 20th century," warned Ain't It Cool News' Hercules, who rated the episode three stars ("actually worth your valuable time"). He thought Spiner's performance improved greatly from his first appearance on Enterprise and praised the building momentum, but noted that the embryo chamber looked "pretty cheesy" and expressed his disappointment at the lack of tension in the cliffhanger.

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