Advance Review: 'Twilight' Best Of Season

By Caillan
November 5, 2003 - 10:48 AM

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The first online review of "Twilight" has called the episode "by far the best installment" of Enterprise's third season.

'Hercules' of Ain't It Cool News said the episode, in which Captain Archer wakes up years in the future to discover that Earth has been destroyed by the Xindi, excels because of "the scope, the drama, the pacing and the structure".

"By presenting us with a depiction of mankind's final days, we are provided for the first time with a very real sense of what is at stake in this bizarre conflict with the Xindi," Hercules wrote. He praised the work of actress Jolene Blalock (T'Pol), whose character takes on the challenge of caring for Archer after he begins to suffer from an inability to form long-term memories.

The episode, written by Mike Sussman, is very much in the tradition of episodes such as "Year of Hell" and "Yesterday's Enterprise", Hercules said, "but these are great stories, and this one remained just different enough for me to kind of love it". While such mind-bending episodes often have predicatable endings, Hercules was "not disappointed with the denouement."

In the complete review, "Twilight" was awarded a score of four stars, which means "better than most motion pictures". Head over to Ain't It Cool News to read it.

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