Pegg On Visiting the U.S. And 'Star Trek XI'

By T'Bonz
October 5, 2008 - 8:44 PM

Speaking the same language made it easier, but Simon Pegg found that he was still a foreigner when he came to America for a publicity tour.

As reported by, Pegg was a bit of a "fish out of the water," when he came to the United States for a publicity tour for Shaun of the Dead. "When I was doing the extensive publicity tour for 'Shaun of the Dead,' said Pegg, "I suddenly realized I am a foreigner. [Because] we speak the same language, I think sometimes we think we're from the same place. As you go deeper in the heartland, you realize we're not. It's fascinating."

The weather on the other side of the pond is different for Pegg, who is used to a more temperate climate. He found Arizona a bit on the warm side during a recent visit, as reported by "It's been overwhelming for a pasty British man to walk into this incredible heat," he said. But heat doesn't always mean lack of precipitation. "When I was packing yesterday, my wife and I were talking about [how] it's great because it's going to be one weather, two days, just one pair of shoes. I talked to her last night and said it was a monsoon last night and my clothes are soaking wet."

Although he has visited and worked in the U.S., Pegg won't be moving to the States anytime soon. "I don't have any plans to move here because you can just commute these days," he said. "The film industry is far more global than it was and films get made all over the world. You buy a house in L.A. and then suddenly you find yourself doing five months in the Isle of Man. So it's kind of pointless. And, all my stuff's there. My light sabers are there."

One of those L.A. jobs was filming Star Trek and taking on the role of the young Scotty. How did Pegg feel about being offered the part of the "miracle worker?" "I was thrilled, and I wasn't surprised at the reaction," he said, as reported by Time Magazine. "I understand that it's a precious thing. You don't want it in the hands of someone who doesn't appreciate it or [who] might seek to undermine it. 'Star Trek' is a beloved story and is being treated as such. It's being done very seriously. There's no attempt to wink at the camera."

The film is in good hands with J.J. Abrams, according to Pegg. "...hes the absolutely perfect guy to do 'Star Trek.' None of the other producers are going to question what's he doing because they know if it f--ks up, the fans are going to be unhappy and J.J. is a fan and he understands it."

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