Stewart Can't Be Superstitious About 'Macbeth'

By Michelle
October 4, 2007 - 6:18 PM

If Captain Picard is bringing audiences to the theatre to see Shakespeare, that is fine with Patrick Stewart.

"We are making audiences here," Stewart told The BBC in a short interview clip that also includes a few moments of Stewart rehearsing Macbeth. The actor has earned rave reviews for the current London production (story).

The production, added Stewart, was inspired by the idea of a Cold War tyrant in Eastern Europe. He sports a sinister moustache for the character.

"Come here any night and see this packed house," enthused the actor, who said that he has often been told by fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation that they had never seen any Shakespeare before, did not expect to understand a word of it and found that it was wonderful. After many years of living in Los Angeles, Stewart has returned to the UK to live and said he is delighted to be working on the stage.

Though Stewart joked that he blamed the Scottish Play for a damaged package, he added that the cast can't be superstitious while they're performing it. "We live and breathe it every day," he laughed.

The full video clip is here.

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