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Reviewers Call 'Minefield' A Mixed Bag

By Lisa
October 5, 2002 - 9:53 PM

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Opinion was once again divided on this week's new Enterprise offering, 'Minefield'.

Comments on the episode ranged from 'Dull' to 'this is how Trek should be written. A collection of observations on the episode from all over the internet can be found below.

  • "Three cheers for an original, non-derivative concept!" wrote Television Without Pity's Keckler. "Delicious effects, great tension in parts -- though I'm still annoyed they had the Romulans show up - and the only thing that really got to me was the overly-ponderous conversations between Quantum and Reed, which killed off some of the tension they set up and replaced it with stagnating boredom. I could have lived with half that amount of Reed-Quantum bonding."
    For the full 13 page recap in which the episode is given a B grade, follow this link.

  • Over at Monkee's Place, the Monkee had some interesting observation about Hoshi.

    You go, Hoshi! See? MUCH better this week! Injured by the initial mine explosion, she actually had an excuse to whine – after all, she had a concussion – but instead she kept trying to leave sickbay so she could do her job. Instead of just blindly accepting that she couldn't, she had the tapes brought to sickbay, and did her job from there. This is the Hoshi I like to see – the Hoshi that developed over the course of last season. So let's just consider her Shockwave 2 behaviour to be an aberration, okay?

    In her full review, the episode scores 8.5 out of 10.

  • "My God, that was mind- numbingly dull," wrote CJ Carter at ScoopMe. "Actually, to be fair, there were moments where the episode was watchable, but any hope of enjoyment was destroyed by a third act that was little more than two guys in spacesuits, moving and talking (and talking, and talking) in slow motion."
    For the full analysis, click here.

  • O. Deus was critical of the episode for TrekWeb. "All in all Minefield is a decent enough action episode but spends too much time on a repetitive Reed storyline too reminiscent of Shuttlepod One and never gives the Romulans anything interesting to do," he concluded.
    For more of his thoughts, follow this link.

  • Michael Hinman at SyFy Portal gave the episode an A grade. "I watched the episode twice - and I couldn't find a single thing I didn't like about this episode," he wrote. "And yes, if you're new, that's very, very rare. And trust me, when I heard that they were going to be bringing in the Romulans a bit earlier than expected, I was scared to death how executive producers Brannon Braga and Rick Berman were going to screw this up."
    To read more of this review, click here.

  • Over at StarfleetCom.Net and Voyager's Delights, Gisele La Roche had an observation about dialogue in the episode.

    "I found some of the dialogue in the show annoying. When Archer and Reed are having breakfast, the armory officer is definitely uncomfortable but Archer saying things like: 'This isn't a visit to the principal's ease.' and 'Didn't your mother ever tell you not to bring your homework to the table?' just makes Archer sound stupid. I'm starting to notice a pattern here. When Bakula has meaty lines to say or lines that have some emotion to them he's fine. But when he has to say rhetorical things or silly lines like the above it's no wonder that Bakula sometimes has trouble sounding natural."

    In the full review the episode gets a B+ rating.

  • "VIFX continue to make Enterprise one of the best looking shows on TV and space helmets off to Foundation Imaging for their work in blowing a hole in Enterprise," wrote Trek5's Matt D. "John Shiban brings a welcome touch to the sometimes heavy-handed style of Mr. Berman and Mr. Braga, and I salute them for hiring him. He will help finish this house called Enterprise."
    To read the full analysis, in which the episode is awarded a Warp 4 rating, follow this link.

More information about the episode can be found in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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