Kate Mulgrew Talks Final Season

By Christian
October 5, 2000 - 3:03 PM

Over at Cinescape, they've posted a 3-question interview with Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), talking about Voyager's final season. Here's the second question, in which she talks about what she would like to see happen with her own and other characters:

Cinescape: What would you like to see happen with Captain Janeway this season?

Kate Mulgrew: We have to wrap up all these individual stories in which Janeway will be intricately involved. I think it's fait accompli. What's going to happen with Chakotay and the rest of the Maquis when we return? That alone will be two or three episodes, I'm sure. Very poignant and very tough. What's going to happen with Tom Paris? Certainly, what's going to happen to Seven of Nine will be provocative -- and one could say brutal -- as she faces the final confrontation with her humanity. And ultimately we are going to see who Janeway is without her raison d'etre -- who is this woman as she must say goodbye? In fact, Janeway's life is a parallel to my own. My boys are going off to boarding school. I think it's a year of letting go for all the right reasons and understanding how shattering that is going to be to the heart nonetheless.

In the full interview, Mulgrew talks about being in full Borg make-up, as well as about how the cast feels about the final season. Even more answers can be found in Cinescape's Fall TV Previews issue, on sale now.

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