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October 5, 2000 - 9:30 AM has updated its production page with more information on the upcoming episode, 'Nightingale', thought to be the episode formerly titled as 'The Command'. The episode has a production number of 256 but no air-date as of yet, though a stardate is given (54274.7) and certain to be the first Harry Kim-centric episode for the season. The synopsis is as follows:

Searching for dilithium in the Delta Flyer with Neelix and Seven of Nine, Harry Kim intercedes in a conflict between two Delta Quadrant Races. While he manages to save a Kraylor ship from destruction, its command crew has been killed and they're in need of a Captain. Having been an Ensign his entire Starfleet career, Kim is tempted by the offer and assumes command of the vessel, but soon finds himself bearing the weight of leadership in a complicated and dangerous conflict. has also added two more short articles in their 'Memorable Moments' series, which looks at the Voyager cast and crew's favorite moments with the show. This week features both Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) and Richard James, production designer.

Robert Duncan McNeill:

"Last year, the night before Christmas break, the whole cast was working and at the end of the shoot, we all went to Kate Mulgrew's trailer and made martinis. We rarely have time to socialize together since we are so busy with our own lives and families so it was a special bonding experience for us and a chance to spend time together before the holidays."

Richard James:

"The thing that stands out is that it was such a fast seven years! I can't believe it. Seeing Voyager on the screen the first time, you get a sense of pride. They screened the first episode ["Caretaker"] on the big screen at the [Paramount] Theater and it was fun to see that and hear the music...There's a definite sense of pride, you feel proud that you've been a part of something that has the history of Star Trek. It's unique, it's not just another television program because it does have a uniqueness about it, the fans. They sort of drive the whole thing."

The original versions of the Memorable Moments, plus the previous installments can be found here at the official site, while the episode information can be found here.

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