New List - 100 Reasons Why Kirk Should Return From the Dead

By Amy
October 5, 2000 - 9:16 AM

Hemi and the Farkmaster, creators of the (in)famous '100 Reasons why Kirk is Better than Picard' list have written a new one, sure to appeal to the BBK'er in all of us - Reasons why Kirk should Return From the Dead!

100. Spock has gone and lost his brain again.

99. The velour industry is on the cusp of an economic comeback. This could be just the opportunity they've been waiting for.

98. Kirk disappears into the Nexus and overnight Starfleet faces bankruptcy under a deluge of child support suits.

97. Data needs a new role model. Between Picard and LaForge, he's gone all soft and sentimental.

96. Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed interest in playing Kirk's latest foe - an evil Ferengi tyrant bent on enslaving the galaxy's females. Yes, it's a stupid idea for a script, but think of the box office draw.

95. The Tribbles need a culling.

The full list can be found here at Trek Nation.

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