Vegas Convention Saw Comedy, Fan Club Revival

By Michelle
September 5, 2005 - 7:11 PM

Writers, filmmakers and comedy routines rounded out the entertainment at the Creation convention in Las Vegas, including an "Orion Slave Girl Row" and a lineup of original series guest stars including the woman who, as a young girl, posed for a photo of Spock's fiance T'Pring wearing Vulcan ears. concluded its coverage of the event with some comments from Larry Nemecek, the managing editor of Star Trek Communicator magazine, who addressed fan complaints that there has been no new issue since the April-May issue. Nemecek informed the audience that Decipher Inc. has ceased publishing the official fan club magazine and he expects an announcement to be made in a month or so about a change in ownership. "It's to the good," Nemecek reassured fans, stating that he would like to recommence with a memorial issue to James Doohan.

"Believe you me, with the 40th anniversary coming up, this was not anybody's plan for this to happen," Nemecek added, noting that the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise had nothing to do with the magazine's hiatus: "Other business things on other fronts caused this."

Trek Nation producer Eugene W. Roddenberry Jr. said that he is aiming to finish the documentary this September. He said he had interviewed every "stereotype" of a Star Trek fan — "The sports star, the Playboy model, the doctor, the lawyer, the astronaut" - to see how his father's series had touched people's lives.

Speaking about the fact that there is currently no Star Trek on the air, Roddenberry said, "I am sad that it was cancelled because I think Manny [Coto] would've made it a great fifth, sixth and seventh seasons. But I wasn't really disappointed with the cancellation because I feel that the market is a little oversaturated right now...Star Trek's gonna come back."

Other appearances included a NASA update by Arizona State University's David Williams, a presentation by Perpetual Entertainment and Michael Okuda on the design of the upcoming Star Trek MMORPG, a comedy show called "Spock's Brain", a talk by DeForest Kelley biographer Terry Lee Rioux, a demonstration by scenic artist Denis Russell on "The Cage" optical effects and more skits and performances.

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