Coto Resurrects The Orions For Fans

By Caillan
September 5, 2004 - 12:30 PM

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New Enterprise showrunner Manny Coto recently promised to bring the Orions to the screen in the show's upcoming fourth season.

"I think a lot of fans have always wanted to see more of the Orions," Coto said in a recent interview with UK entertainment magazine Dreamwatch (via Sci-Fi Pulse). Fans of Star Trek have only ever been treated to seeing Orion Slave Women in appearances made nearly four decades ago on the original series.

According to Coto, the aliens will appear in the upcoming Soong/Eugenics arc as previously reported. So what can we expect from them? "They're a very dangerous, deadly race," said Coto, "and they take 10 of Enterprise's crewmembers to become slaves." Production reports for the upcoming episode "Borderland" had indicated not only that the Enterprise would be travelling near Orion space but that a number of Orions needed to be cast for the episode.

Despite no appearances since the original series, the Orions have frequently been referenced in later shows. 'Orion Slave Girls' are a staple of Trek lore; and then there is the oft-referenced Orion Syndicate, a criminal organisation which featured most prominently in the sixth season Deep Space Nine episode, "Honor Among Thieves". The Orions were rumoured to be appearing in the Enterprise pilot "Broken Bow" at one point (story).

To read more extracts from the Coto interview, including his notes on the upcoming Vulcan and Eugenics episodes, head over to Sci-Fi The original interview can be read in the September edition of Dreamwatch magazine, on sale now.

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