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Combs Talks 'Enterprise' Andorian Role

By Caillan
September 5, 2001 - 1:40 AM

If you thought Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun) was going to be moving away from his usual villainous role on Enterprise, think again.

Speaking at the Dragon Con held in Atlanta last weekend, Combs said that his Andorian character was a terrorist, according to a convention attendee. Combs added that the Andorians have "a beef with the Vulcans."

The actor mentioned that the makeup was more complicated and textured than that featured in the Original Series episode, 'Journey To Babel,' which he felt was a little "cheesy." The Andorians are still blue, however, and Combs said that he wore "a really nice, white wig," and a "forehead piece" for the role.

Advances in technology since the first appearance of the Andorians have allowed for some extra touches. On Enterprise, the Andorians' antennae will be actuated so that they will move in reaction to the mood and emotions of the characters.

The episode, entitled 'The Andorian Incident,' completed filming last week, according to Combs. It is currently slated to air as the fourth regular installment after the pilot, 'Broken Bow.'

Thanks to one of the convention attendees for this!

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